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Verse of the Day

Our Daily Prayer

Our Evening Prayer
"God, we are trusting confidently in You.

Salutation of the Glory of Mary

A 21 - Hour Fast (*only water)
Join us every Thursday from : @ 10a C/11a ET until 7a C/8a ET Fri.

Powerful Prayer to Saint Rita

Catholic Morning Prayer

The Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint Francis of Assisi Prayer

Powerful Prayer to St. Anthony of padua

Powerful Prayer to St. Jude

The 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Powerful Morning Prayer

Padre Pio Secret Weapon Prayer


Prayer To The Holy Face of Jesus
Holy Face of Jesus, Be My joy

This is The Most Recommended Prayer to Say After Receiving Communion
Soul of Christ Sanctify me

A Prayer To Defeat The Work of Satan
I Am The Alpha And The Omega...

The Power of One Hail Mary
One Hail Mary well said...

Eucharistic Act Of Faith
I believe in the Real Presence of Jesus

O Dear Jesus
I humbly implore You to

grant Your special graces to

our family.

O Most Holy Heart Jesus
Fountain of every blessing

May God My God
In my great need I pour out

Dear Lord
I do'nt know who...

God Our Father
You will never allow the power of hell

Loving God, send in more helpers

A Prayer For Financial Blessings
Heavenly Father, most gracious and loving God

August 28 - Feast Day of St. Augustine
O Holy St. Augustine

A Prayer To Jesus My Friend
Jesus! You Are My True Friend

Litany Of The Divine Mercy
Let The Doubting Soul Read This

Chaplet Of The Precious Blood
Most Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ

Prayer Before a Crucifix
Behold,o Kind and Most

Prayer To Saint Michael
Saint Michael The Archangel

Prayer For Purity
O Immaculate Heart of Mary

Prayer For Peace And Joy In Family
Loving Heavenly Father The Word Of God Says

The Prayer, Thank God
I Adore You, O My God

And Solomon? He Asked For Wisdom
The Lord Appeared To Solomon

I Love Jesus
Lord Jesus I Believe You are The Son Of God

Prayer To Saint Camillus For The Sick Poor
O Glorious Saint Camillus

Blessed Mary, You Alone Had Total Access

Prayer For Favours
Dear Heart of Jesus:

Prayer For Divine Assistance
We beg you Lord, to help and to defend us

Let us Pray
Lord Renew in your Church

Our Lady of Tears
Pray To me in behalf of my Mother's Tears

Prayer To Our Lady of Grace
O My Mother Treasures of all Graces

Saint Marie Alphonsine From Jerusalem 





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