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Why Does God Allow Suffering?          

Why Does God Allowing Suffering?

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People often struggle with the pressing question of why God allows suffering.
Is He not power enough to stop the suffering? Is He a weak God?
Or, is He not loving enough to stop suffering?
Does He not have enough compassion?
The short answers are as follows: He is not a weak God. And,
He is full of love and compassion.
The problem with understanding suffering in the world is our limited view of what God can do through the suffering that He allows.
God is up to something that we cannot fully see or comprehend.
In the bigger scheme of God’s plan, the suffering that He allows is the right thing to do
and the loving thing to do. We are unable to see from the same perspective as God;
therefore, it does not make sense to us.
Here are 5 reasons why God allows suffering:
1. To Draw us to Him -- John 16:33
When times get tough and we go through seasons of suffering,
we are drawn to a deeper dependence on God because we know that we cannot get through it on our own.
This need for God pulls us into a closer relationship with Him.
When things are going smoothly and we have no issues in our lives,
amazingly we forget our need for God and start wandering through life on our own.
Suffering reminds us of our dependence on the Lord.
2. To Strengthen our Faith -- 1 Peter 1:6-7
Times of suffering helps us to grow in our faith.
Just like our physical bodies grow stronger when they are made to exert energy,
our spiritual faith is strengthened when we go through difficult times in life.
Struggles forces us to use our faith as we trust God to see us through the times
of suffering and that He is doing something great in our lives and for His glory.
Faith is the only thing that can get us through in moments like that.
And, our faith is grown through the experience.
3. To Use us as a witness for Him -- 1 Peter 3:14-15
We must always be ready to offer a reason for the faith that we have in Christ.
Especially when we are going through the storms of life,
that display of faith offers a powerful testimony to others
That God is an amazing God if He will walk with us through those tough times. Often,
others can see the strength and love of Christ through our times of struggles
more than our times of joy.
4. To Grow us to be able to comfort others -- 2 Corinthians 1:4
Once God has sustained us through a difficult season of life,
we can turn to others and offer comfort because
we know what it is like to go through a similar experience,
and we can be used of God to help others make it through their tough times as well.
God prepares us for ministering to others by allowing us to experience the difficulties and then offering us the comfort we need. 
5. To Help us keep an eternal perspective -- Romans 8:18
When we see this life from an eternal perspective,
we grow to realize that any suffering we go through in this world
will not compare to the unsurpassed greatness of the glory that we will experience in the next world.
Our times of suffering can be used by God to remind us that when we get to heaven,
we will not have to experience any of the pain and anguish that this life brings.
Sufferings now highlight the greatness of heaven.
Suffering is not easy. And it is not fun. But God always uses the trials
that we go through for our good and for His glory.
Ultimately, God allows suffering because,
in a way we cannot fully understand,
it is the right thing to do. When that truth does not seem obvious to us,
we must accept it in faith.

Jesus Bless You All
Nicola Kanaan