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The Church on Salvation 

There are many out there that have an idea or theory on what salvation means to them.
Some believe "salvation" is material success or "spiritual wellness" exercises. Others believe that there are many gods that offer an afterlife of carnal rewards. 
However, if we are to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ, 
we understand that there is a specific path to salvation.It must also be understood that the path to salvation is not an easy one but in fact a very difficult one. 
And thanks be to God that Our Lord Jesus laid before us 
all that we need to know to be saved may be easily obtained through His Church. 

What Is Salvation?
Thanks to Divine Revelation, we know that our purpose on this earth is God, to love Him and to serve Him in this world 
and to be happy with Him forever in the world to come.
For this reason were we all created, that we may abandon all 
things for Him. Salvation therefore is the goal of every human being.
As salvation is the entrance into eternity by way of 
adherence to the will and love of God. 
Who Gives Salvation?
It is God who gives us salvation. Ever since the fall from grace of our first parents, God set in motion mission of salvation. 
Even in the hour of man's decent from grace God proclaimed the seed of promise that shall 
be the reconcillation of all mankind.
It is Our Lord Jesus who was that seed of promise.

He was prophesied of by 
all whom God gave vision to minister and proclaim His coming.
Even the name Jesus means 'God Saves'.
It was not only 
His coming that ushered in the opportunity of salvation but His passion,
death, and Resurrection that opened the way 
for all to be saved. But let us not be confused between redemption and salvation because they actually do have two different meanings. 
Redemption in Christ's blood was given to all men that we might be saved through love and obedience to Him and 
salvation is what has been obtained through love and obedience to Him.

As St. Peter once said, 
"Neither is there salvation in any other.
For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved."
- Acts 4:12
How May We be Saved?
In order that one may be saved there are but a few things that must be considered. Of the Sacraments of Initiation, baptism is 
vital for salvation. As St. Peter said,
"Corresponding to that, baptism now saves you-- not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an 
appeal to God for a good conscience--
through the resurrection of Jesus Christ".

This is what Christ meant when He said you must be born 
again[1]. We must also be given the gift of faith for no man may confess that Jesus is the messiah unless it was granted to them by the 
Heavenly Father.

Then we must grow in knowledge,
love, and obedience for God and His holy will through a life of prayer,
fasting, and 
acts of charity. 
God Willing
It is true that we are all sinners and the wages of sin is death.According to justice, we all deserve eternal death for 
resisting the only good that shall ever be.
However, it is because of the mercy of Our Lord that we may obtain salvation. 

 Thanks be to God for my 
father who originally raised me to pray and know who Christ was in my early years because if I did not have that little foundation, 
I know that I would have been swallowed up by evil.

It was the grace of God and the intercession of Our Lady that caused me to pause 
and work toward fruits of repentance. For I know now, that to follow Christ is a daily objective[3] and to earn the crown of salvation 
we must not only worship Him but also choose to suffer for Him.
God willing, I can do all these things and more to obtain Him 
for eternity.
1. John 3:5
2. Matthew 16:17
3. Luke 9:23
4. Philippians 1:29

Jesus Bless you all

Nicola Kanaan