Most Powerful Catholic Novena Prayers
ST. Jude Novena, Divine Mercy Novena, St. Joseph Novena

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Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua.
O Loving St. Anthony, you were a special witness of God’s power and love in your day. Hear us now as we seek your powerful intercession in our time. We lift up our prayers for all families. Help them to grow in their faith; may they persevere in unity, love, and peace. Bless our children, protect our young people, and be a companion to those in their senior years. Help them when they are tested by sickness, suffering, loneliness, or whenever they experience loss in their lives. Help all of us in our daily struggles, giving us hope and peace. Pray for us, St. Anthony, so that we may continue to grow in God’s love. Intercede for us through Christ our Lord! Amen.