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1) Mi'ilya is located northwest of the city of Maalot-Tarsiha and East from Nahariya city about 15km, all of its inahbitants are Catholic Christians

2) Celebrating every year the Cross day in Mailya 

3) Catholic Church in Cana village -Galilee Holy Land

4) Haifa the Latin Church-Saint Joseph located in down town and open every day for mass at 18 pm...sunday-19pm

5) Catholic Church Saint Elias located in downtown Haifa...Mass every sunday at 19pm&10am...saturday 18pm

6)Saint Elias one of the known Churches in the Holy Land located in Stella Maris at the Carmel Mountain
Open every day
The Stella Maris Monastery or Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Haifa is a 19th-century located on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel

7) Inside the St Elias Church where believers can light a Candle

8) Cana Wedding Church where our Lord Jesus Christ made the first Miracle turn water to wine