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Novena in Honor of Saint Thorlak of Iceland

St. Thorlac was described from his earliest age as quiet, observant and reflective.  He kept this contemplative nature as he matured.  Historical texts suggest he struggled with an actual speech impairment.  Nonetheless, St. Thorlac left a strong impression, characterized as careful, gentle, wise, even-tempered and loving in all his words.


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Day One: 
St. Thorlac, Quietly Humble 
and Pure of Heart

God our Father, when holiness and humility seem far from our reach, may we see through the example of St. Thorlac that we can achieve these virtues simply by loving You as we are, where we are, and in what we are given.  May we watch quietly, as St. Thorlac did, to observe and experience Your presence in this very moment, and in the people before us.  Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Two: 
St. Thorlac, Mentor in Wisdom

Heavenly Father, source of all wisdom and knowledge, You taught us through Your Son Jesus that we are to be lights to the world, that others may see our deeds and give glory to You.  You generously gave wisdom to Your servant, St. Thorlac, who delighted in bringing Your light to all in his path.  Grant us the grace to share in Your wisdom with others through mentorship and example.  
​Through Christ Our Lord.  AMEN.

Day Three: 
St. Thorlac, Gentle Pastor

Almighty God, St. Thorlac took great care to lead others to You in ways that were loving and gentle.  He wished for everyone to live harmoniously according to Your plan, that where two or more gather in faith, You become present.  May the pastors of Your Church follow St. Thorlac’s example in their perseverance, forbearance and striving for concord.  Help us to hear Your voice through our pastors, not grieving those set over us by chasing discord with Your Church and its teaching.  Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Four: 
St. Thorlac, Merciful Confessor

God of all mercy, may our efforts to forgive and forget be lifted up as penance to help remit the sins of others and bring them closer to You.  
​Help us through the intercession of St. Thorlac to desire mercy for our neighbors and associates, particularly those who offend us.  Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Five: 
St. Thorlac, Champion of Families and Holy Matrimony

Heavenly Father, You endowed St. Thorlac with a loving comprehension of the marital bond and the fortitude to defend this sacrament for the sake of preserving families.   May we have the same courage as St. Thorlac to help men and women honor one another and raise children within the blessing of marriage. Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Six: 
St. Thorlac, Defender of Authentic Catholic Living in All States in Life

Almighty God, we sometimes find ourselves setting different standards based on different states in life.  Help us to see, as St. Thorlac did, that we all share the same fundamental vocation: to love the Lord Our God with all our hearts, all our souls, all our minds and all our strength; and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Seven: 
St. Thorlac, Fatherly Intercessor
Father in Heaven, we praise You for the life and ministry of Your servant, St. Thorlac, whose fervent love of You brought people from all walks of life to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their faith.  Whether wealthy or poor, healthy or infirm, young or old, those who encountered St. Thorlac felt personally touched and uplifted by his desire to share Your treasury with them. 
May St. Thorlac see our present needs (especially ______________) and respond with compassion, assistance and instruction.  May he help us grow closer to God and find relief from our troubles.  May his wise counsel lead us to the healing and restoration we need most. 
In spiritual partnership with St. Thorlac, we pray for all who seek his intercession, particularly for the people of Iceland. Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Eight: 
St. Thorlac, True Ambassador for Christ

Heavenly Father, help us to remember that, as Christians, we are called to be ambassadors of Your Kingdom among our own friends, families and municipalities.  Help us to emulate the example of St. Thorlac in always remembering our allegiance as Your representatives. Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Day Nine: 
St. Thorlac, Devoted Patron of Iceland

Almighty God, send forth Your Spirit to all who dwell in Iceland.  Lead them with Your light.  Instruct them with Your wisdom.  Remind them always of Your love.  Provide them with abundance in all of their needs in spirit, mind and body.  May Iceland know the Merciful Love of Jesus Christ and the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, now and for evermore. Through Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Saint Thorlac, Pray for Iceland!   
Saint Thorlac, Pray for Us!






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