Most Powerful Catholic Novena Prayers
ST. Jude Novena, Divine Mercy Novena, St. Joseph Novena

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Catholic July Novenas

St. Anthony of Padua
Novena Begins: July 4
Feast Day: July 13
Patron Saint of the poor, lost things, lost souls, oppressed people,lost people

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Novena Begins: July 7
Feast Day: July 16
Patron Saint of Chile, Haifa, South America

St. Mary Magdalene
Novena Begins: July 13
Feast Day: July 22
Patron Saint of women, converts, glove makers

St. Bridget Novena
Novena Begins: July 14
Feast Day: July 23
Patron Saint of Europe

St. Charbel Novena
Novena Begins: July 15
Feast Day: July 24
Patron Saint of Lebanon. sickness

St. Anne Novena
Novena Begins: July 17
Feast Day: July 26
Patron Saint of unmarried women, mothers, housewives

St. Martha Novena
Novena Begins: July 20
Feast Day: July 29
Patron Saint of servents, housewives, single laywomen

St. John Vianney
Novena Begins: July 26
Feast Day: August 24
Patron Saint of parish priests

St. Cajetan Novena
Novena Begins: July 28
Feast Day: August 7
Patron Saint of the poor, job seekers






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