Most Powerful Catholic Novena Prayers
ST. Jude Novena, Divine Mercy Novena, St. Joseph Novena

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Catholic January Novenas

Infant of Praque Novena
Novena Begins: January 5
Feast Day: January 14
Patron Saint of financial distress

St. Francis de Sales
Novena Begins: January 15
Feast Day: January 24
Patron Saint of deaf, Catholic writers, Catholic press

St. Paul the Apostle
Novena Begins: January 16
Feast Day: January 25
Patron Saint of gentile Christians, missions, theologians

St. Thomas Aquinas Novena
Novena Begins: January 19
Feast Day: January 28
Patron Saint of students

St. John Bosco
Novena Begins: January 22
Feast Day: January 31
Patron Saint of boys, young editors

Our Lady of Good Success
Novena Begins: January 24
Feast Day: February 2
Patron Saint of Good Success, help and guidance

St. Blaise Novena
Novena Begins: January 25
Feast Day: February 3
Patron Saint of physicians, wild animals, sick cattle and of those with throat maladies

Our Lady of Hope Novena
Novena Begins: January 25
Feast Day: February 2
Patron of Pontmain, France, hope

St. Agatha Novena
Novena Begins: January 27
Feast Day: February 5
Patron Saint of rape victims, breast cancer patients, wet nurses

St. Josephine Bakhita 
Novena Begins: January 30
Feast Day: February 8
Patron Saint of victims, and human trafficking






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