Don’t worry about anything,
but pray about everything.
With thankful hearts offer up your prayers
and requests to God.

Philippians 4:6





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O holy Saint Augustine,

who has famously

declared that

“Our hearts were

made for you,

O Lord, and they are restless

until they rest in you.”,

aid me in my own search for

our Lord that

through your intercession

I may be granted the wisdom

to determine the purpose God

has planned for me.

Pray that I be blessed with the

courage to follow God’s

will even at times

when I do not understand.

Ask our Lord to lead me to a

life worthy of His love,

that I may one day share the

riches of His kingdom.

Petition our Lord and Savior

to ease the

burden of my problems

and grant my

special intention,

and I will honor you

all of my days.






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