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As time goes by, I realize more and more that there is a force greater than mankind, a force that’s always present whether we acknowledge it or not.  A force so powerful that it puts us in control of our lives, and lets us choose the way we want to live it.  This greater force is the creator of mankind…GOD.


Throughout my life I have been confronted with the controversial debate of whether a greater force exists or not.  Considering, mankind doesn’t have the ability to create or even clone the entire world we live in, I would have to say yes, a greater force does exist.


If there were no rain for water, no sun for light, no plants for oxygen, how could we possibly survive?  We could never better our lives if we didn’t have the essentials to even live.  Would mankind be able to create rain or the sun?  I haven’t heard of mankind be able to do this.


Throughout the years, I have learned that life is a precious gift from God.  We should cherish each day as if it were our last and be grateful for all that we have.  Throughout life, each and every one of us experiences happiness, sadness, and difficulty.  During times of difficulty we can’t help but wonder why this is happening? 


I now realize that any difficulties we encounter only make us stronger, and that we can conquer our difficulties with the help of god, only if we choose to accept his help.  God has provides us with the tools necessary to make the best of the time we spend in this world.    


He helps us in ways most people tend to overlook.  He gives us the opportunity to love and help others, as well as the opportunity to be loved and to be helped.  We simply need to recognize the opportunities and embrace them, and understand what goes around comes around.


We need to keep god close to our hearts for guidance, love, support, and fulfillment.  We need to listen when he speaks to us however it may be: through others, through intuition, through dreams.  Just follow your heart and believe in power of god.