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Things you should know when you visit Israel

Population:  Over 7 million(Jews:78%, Muslims:20%, Christians 2%)

Language spoken: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian

Weather: Summer is hot(25-40 celsius), winter (13-20 Celsius) raining can be cold especially in

 the top mountain - snowing


You can travel from one place to other by Bus, Taxi, Train

Bus Company: Egged

Israel railways

Taxi- You can find every where

Driving in Israel

All drivers from abroad are required to have valid driver's license(International or from home)
Driving in Israel is on the right, and signs are in Hebrew, arabic and in english in most places.

Currency: New Shekel(nis)...It comes in 20, 50, 100, 200 shekel notes
One shekel is divided to 100 agorot


In major cities shops are usually open from 9:00-19:00,
Sunday-Thursday on Friday the open until 13:00

Police- call 100

Ambulance- cal 101

Food and Restaurant

You can find many types of nationlity food

Arabic known with the one of the healthiest foods in the world
Hummos, Tabouli, falafel, shawarma, tahina, fish, fatoush salad, arabic salad...etc

Range of prices estimate

falafel in pita: 4-4.5$....... 14-18nis

shawarma in pita: 6-8$......25-30nis

Hummos in plate:6-7$(Abu saaid in Acer known as one of the best)
fish restaurant: 15-30$ depend on type of fish(Abu Zeid in Haifa offer variety of foods(sea food, fish, meat...authentic salad)
kebab, veal, lamb:15-25$

Places&Churches must to visit

Church of the Annunciation(Nazareth)

Sepulchre Church (Jerusalem)

The wedding Church(Cana village)

Nativity Church(Bethlehem)

Sea of Galilee(Teberia lake)

Church of the Beatitude(Near sea of Galilee)

Jordan River

Dead Sea

Galilee(Acre city, Haifa City, Nahariya)

Jaffa(Church of St. Paul)

Jerusalem(Old City)

Room of the last supper(in Jerusalem)

Beit Jala(near Bethlehem)

Nazareth(many beautiful Churches- St.Joseph...etc)


In Israel you will find hundreds of hotels offering wide choice of accommodation to suit all tastes,
Purposes and budgets, ranging from simple facilities to five star luxury.
As well you will find cheap hostels in every city