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Cana Village First Miracle

The town is identified by Christians as the town of Cana where Jesus performed a miracle at the Marriage at Cana (John 2,1-12).


Jesus teaches me as follows:

When I said to My disciples: "Let us go and make My Mother happy",
I had given the sentence a deeper meaning than it seemed.
  I did not mean the happiness of seeing Me,

 but the joy of being the initiatress of My miraculous activity and the first benefactress of mankind.

Always remember that.  My first miracle happened because of Mary.
  The very first one.  It is a symbol that Mary is the key to miracles
.  I never refuse My Mother anything and because of Her prayer I bring forward also the time of grace.
  I know My Mother, the second in goodness after God.
  I know that to grant you a grace is to make Her happy,
She is All Love.  That is why I said, knowing Her: "Let us go and make Her happy."