Places you should visit in the Holy Land as a pilgrims 

On this page you will find a tips on places you should visit when you will arrive to Israel

I will give you tips where to go and how to move from one place to other in easy way.

are you ready so lets start our journey in the Holy Land

If i was you the places you must see!

Lets say im planing to visit Israel for a week

I will divide my trip for 2-3 days in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

3-4 days in the Galilee and Nazareth

Ok now we start our virtual tours

Day 1
  Land at the ben gurion airport/ Tel Aviv

Take a taxi or train to Jerusalem(find a nice hotel or hostels)
Visit: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Room of the last supper, Via de la Roza, Russian Church

Day 2
Bethlehem(Nativity Church- Birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ)
Beit Jala Churches , Beit Sahour Churches

Day 3
Take a train to Jaffa/ Tel Aviv and visit the Church of Saint Paul
Jaffa is an old city with small Arab Christian community

Day 4
Take a train to Haifa and get of on the station (merkaz Hasmona)
Visit the Bahai Garden one of the most beautiful place on earth
You will discover many Churches , and don't miss up Saint Elias in Stella Marris

Day 5
Take a bus No.(331) from the train station to Nazareth
Visit the Church of the Annunciation, St.Joseph Church, Church of St. Gabriel, Mary's Well

Day 6
Take a bus to Cana Village and visit the wedding place(First Miracle of Jesus Christ

Day 7
Take a bus from Nazareth to Sea of Galilee(Tiberias)
Visit the Church of Beatitude(Miracle of the Bread&Fish)