Don’t worry about anything,
but pray about everything.
With thankful hearts offer up your prayers
and requests to God.

Philippians 4:6

Galilee Churches          
  This is a rare movie on one of the Galilee village at the Holy Land.
One of the most important day for the Christian Catholic to celebrate the Cross day the symbol of Christ where he took all our sins and die on the Cross.
We love you Jesus you are the only saviour.(Amen&Amen)
  We celebrate our Cross day in one of the Catholic village in the Galilee.
This Festival celebrate every year in Mailya village.
Jesus bless all Mailya and our Cross(Amen&Amen)
  Christian pray in the holy land in very ancient church located in the city of old Acco.
Every year we celebrate the festival of Saint George and we are praying for his love that he gave to our Christian community in the holy Land.
Lets all pray together for peace and hermony between all human being and let god to be our guidnace because with his love and mercy we can never make mistake.
God is love and only true love can come from him and last forever.
  Watch a greek Church in the Holy Land.
Prayer was in the Arabic language.
  Watch a unique Church in the old city of Acco in the Holy Land.
This video made for my friend in canada , i light a candle for peace, health, love.
Jesus bless you all.
  Watch the Olive Tree in israel, The original olive tree and the olive oil is from the Holy Land, the started to grow the olive Tree before 6000 years ago.
God bless you all... Amen & Amen


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